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User defined account ID's for payments


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On the subject of x-border transfers, costs, issues & new developments, Revolut business now allows xfr via url. Also results on a survey about payments. For awareness by Kinesis:

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The primary issue with encoding information in URL's is that your ISP and DNS resolvers will have access to all of that information, the URL can't be encrypted or it can't be routed. If you don't care that your transactions can be tracked easily by third parties then it doesn't pose a problem, but if you do care, most of the developer world has moved away from URL encoded queries. The idea of QR codes generated on the fly for transactions in the app is to me much more appealing and secure.

That being said, I have no idea what information they actually encode in their URL, if it's just a random ID then it's "fine". I could also misunderstand whats the offer is here.
I probably confused things by using "URL", although they mention that as an option later in the article. They've introduced their own unique client identifier - the RevTag - for quick, free payments to other Revolut business customers that eliminates specifying account etc. info.

The idea was just as awareness for Kinesis.
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There are many of those alternatives coming up right now:

This is another example.
They call it an A2A payment solution (app to app).
Works with API - integrated in about 80% of EU banks.
This is what Steve Kirsch did after he got kicked out from M10, because of the COVID-controversy.
This is the "Send to" search field from an explanatory video:


In the KMS, we currently have the options of email or blockchain address.
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Out of curiosity I just logged in to my Revolut business account. The @RevTag facility works exactly the same as IDs in 'X'...much easier than plugging in account details. Maybe one for Kinesis when sending to other Kinesis users if this @ convention becomes adopted...

I think Kinesis alternative to this is ultimately KPay?

Oh I get it you just want the @ thing to send money to a person. I'm dense today.
Agreed. For business (online or in store after the new KPay release), the QR code with destination account and amount is an easier solution than having to search for a payee and then keying in the amount.

A user definable tag for personal transfers might be a nice alternative to an email address, but the email address has wider functionality eg the payee doesn't have to have a KMS account.
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