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[Tech note] How to pick out redemptions manually from Explorer screen.

Warning: it is far more efficient to do this with awk on the CSV file
There you can list them all.
I have already done that work here on this forum.

H2E flows (aka Redemtions or flows between system HotWallet and the Emissions account (aka The Mint))

Manual technique
Do screen search (control-F) inside here:
Explorer screen
to repeat the same search

Look for:

You can copy paste from the above. I edited the long account address to the exact format as it appears on screen.

H2E means
The account starting with string GBTY has to appear in the left column
The account starting with string GCGT in the right column

You should never see flows in the opposite direction (E2H). Fun fact...

So for the purposes of detecting redemptions, ignore GCGT in the left column. Those transactions are not redemptions.

To understand why that is, I invite you to consult the full trail of my forensics work here on this forum ;)

At this time, I can see only 1 of those redemption transactions (flows):

Here it is:

1 particular KAG redemption

All the details of my work are here at github

And now for KAU
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