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KAU and KAG spreads are tighter while the Bullion markets are open

While liquidity is generally available while the Bullion markets are closed eg over the weekend, spreads are wider.
You are likely to get better pricing if you avoid times when the bullion markets are closed.

For reference,
The weekend close is:
  • Bullion market close 17:00 Eastern on Friday.
  • Bullion market open 18:00 Eastern on Sunday.

There is also a close for an hour each day during the week:
  • Closed 17:00-18:00 Eastern Monday to Thursday.

It might make sense to give a bit of leeway either side of the open and close as well (just check spreads/volume), but the above times will be when spreads are definitely wider.
When I Sell KAU/KAG is the System Selling KAU for USD & Using USD to Buy KAG ?? Or, Do the 2 Actually Trade Directly Against Each Other ??