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KAU and KAG pair nomenclature.


Well-known member
On the Chat thread it was asked why some of the KAU and KAG pairs have the other side of the pair coming first.

For example LTC / KAU instead of what the poster throught it should be - KAU / LTC.

i tend to agree. There may be reasons the other side of the pairs comes first but for me if it is possible for KAU / KAG to come first i would say it should be the Kinesis tokens first.
I like that KAU/KAG is based in KAU, even though it takes some mind bending to get used to the GSR ratio of gm/oz.
It will be interesting to see if any cryptos are left on the KMS when the Pro platform opens, Many fiat transfer services are very edgy about sending fiat to anything related to crypto, It's an opportunity for the KMS to become solely digital metal, although I do expect KAU/KAG to be traded on Kinesis Pro.