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If anyone is using Kinesis for payroll (+10 employees) I will pay you 2 KAG to write an in depth article about your experience


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I don't have a Kinesis Business account, but want to see how it works and its efficiencies/inefficiencies.

How easy is it for you to use, do your employees like it, can it handle larger scale payments (My company pays 12,000 employees locally in our plant) and any screenshots, information, etc.

I'd like to post it to my website KinesisThesis.net about a business user experience.

Thanks :)
I believe C4SM pays employees in KAU. (I read something about that recently in one of the Telegram groups). Might be worth talking to @Forsytjr
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We(C4SM) are only paying 1099s in KAU, so that is just like a vendor. Not really payroll as in W2 which has tax withholdings considerations.

When doing a W2 paycheck at least the mandated FICA withholdings from the employee side(~7.5%) needs to be pulled from gross amount. So, the easiest right now is a bonus check with overpayment for the employee side of FICA; the "net check" then all gets paid into Kinesis. Here is a link of how we did that test about a year ago; note in this test we did not without income tax but could have. To expose employees to this concept a bonus check such as this with account creation is a good first step.

In order to truly automate for larger groups the simplest solution is a fiat onramp(hybrid banking)...out of payroll directly into Kinesis(in fiat). The entire net paycheck could go, or split into more than one receiving bank account. There are other paths like integrating payroll solutions within Kinesis, but I see that as coming later. Automation for payroll is key as it's already a beast to contend with under regular circumstances

IMO the EU folks are closer to that now with their SEPA on-ramp and would be a better test case than USA.