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Gold, Silver and more - Interesting Reads

Really, if I'm a small country with neither nuclear weapons nor military capacity, I can lodge and manage my physical gold with Kinesis in 15 vaults across follow-the-sun operations in 13 separate jurisdictions.

I can do that tomorrow and if Iran or Ethiopia want to net out a trade balance for oil (Iran) or grain (Ethiopia) in physical gold, we all share the trustless, blockchain-based, Kinesis system.

Frankly and in real life, never mind crypto nonsense or techie weirdos, I don't care. If I run Iran, Ethiopia or any of the other 200 countries in the world that people consider unimportant, I'm much more concerned that Iran sell me gas for the next 30 years because I need to develop my country. If I can buy 1m BTU for an agreed amount of gold for 30 years, great!

I also, being smart, know that the world is open and multipolar, so also know that Ethiopia has huge oil and gas reserves that can be piped cheaply to Djibouti, protected by the Chinese and US military bases there. Has anybody wondered about the real reason that Ethiopia was invited to join BRICS. Please!

I think, come on! Let's raise our game. It's much more difficult to compete in an open, global market for all commodities against all other countries in the world, but we all have access to all the same AI & tech tools. This is not the 1960s and things are agreed in seconds, not months. When we all start to use XDC & XRP, we'll save 90% of our time and costs.

However, it'd make life easier if we all use gold as our trading money globally. Then at least that part is fixed forever, when countries, products and technologies will always change.

A KAU in Khartoum is worth exactly the same as it is in Kilkenny and Khabarovsk and it always will be.