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Gold, Silver and more - Interesting Reads

Really, if I'm a small country with neither nuclear weapons nor military capacity, I can lodge and manage my physical gold with Kinesis in 15 vaults across follow-the-sun operations in 13 separate jurisdictions.

I can do that tomorrow and if Iran or Ethiopia want to net out a trade balance for oil (Iran) or grain (Ethiopia) in physical gold, we all share the trustless, blockchain-based, Kinesis system.

Frankly and in real life, never mind crypto nonsense or techie weirdos, I don't care. If I run Iran, Ethiopia or any of the other 200 countries in the world that people consider unimportant, I'm much more concerned that Iran sell me gas for the next 30 years because I need to develop my country. If I can buy 1m BTU for an agreed amount of gold for 30 years, great!

I also, being smart, know that the world is open and multipolar, so also know that Ethiopia has huge oil and gas reserves that can be piped cheaply to Djibouti, protected by the Chinese and US military bases there. Has anybody wondered about the real reason that Ethiopia was invited to join BRICS. Please!

I think, come on! Let's raise our game. It's much more difficult to compete in an open, global market for all commodities against all other countries in the world, but we all have access to all the same AI & tech tools. This is not the 1960s and things are agreed in seconds, not months. When we all start to use XDC & XRP, we'll save 90% of our time and costs.

However, it'd make life easier if we all use gold as our trading money globally. Then at least that part is fixed forever, when countries, products and technologies will always change.

A KAU in Khartoum is worth exactly the same as it is in Kilkenny and Khabarovsk and it always will be.
I wrote out a reply to the Z's video above concerning the recent BRICS summit, but then hit a wrong key and "poofed" it. So, anyway, briefly -- Z to me is a typical Western opinionator, as "informed" as he might be or thinks he is about the BRICS, who has the usual "Western" POV, a type of tunnel vision limited by Western information, thought, and analysis ... a type of Matrix that many Americans, especially (I'm one but living in Europe), still "function" in, even many "red-pilled" ones, without having a clue as to the limited nature of their understanding of other non-Western POVs and decision-making processes, especially in terms of how they have to deal or believe they have to deal with the Hegemon's power to do them harm. And I'll leave it at that.

I'll offer, not necessarily as a rebuttal but as another facet of the story, a recent (Sep18) article by Alisdair MacLeod, someone, IMO, that is very knowledgeable about modern financial history, theory, and systems, including the gold standard and its strengths and weaknesses and abuses. His article is entitled, "Currency wars versus gold standards" (https://www.goldmoney.com/research/currency-wars-versus-gold-standards).

His main point is that Russia (Putin/Glazyev/etal) is doing what it/they can to move the EAEU and the BRICS into some kind of gold-based/backed financial system (something they might be able to do more effectively next year when it is their turn to take over the presidency of the BRICS) not just because they WANT to, but because they NEED to do it ... and SOON! Moreover, he seems to be writing this article as someone that is actually URGING them to do it and presenting them with a plan of action TO do it, including mistakes to avoid. Very interesting to me and says to me that if this is going to happen, it may not be as far away as it might feel to us at this moment.
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I wrote out a reply to the Z's video above concerning the recent BRICS summit, but then hit a wrong key and "poofed" it. So, anyway, briefly -- Z to me is a typical Western opinionator, as "informed" as he might be or thinks he is about the BRICS, who has the usual "Western" POV, a type of tunnel vision limited by Western information, thought, and analysis ... a type of Matrix that many Americans, especially (I'm one but living in Europe), still "function" in, even many "red-pilled" ones, without having a clue as to the limited nature of their understanding of other non-Western POVs and decision-making processes, especially in terms of how they have to deal or believe they have to deal with the Hegemon's power to do them harm. And I'll leave it at that.
Agree with this assessment a lot.
They are incredibly biased and unaware of their biases - severely skewing their perception of reality and leading to wrong conclusions.

There is this guy sometimes referred to as Jihadi Julian - a Spiegel reporter from Germany who projects his stupiity onto the world at such a high intensity that it allows him to write pieces about the Ukraine war that aren't anchored in reality remotely.

Though his pieces are in general well received by the general public, it's been consistently and structurally wrong and I fear he may end up in psychological distress once reality eventually hits him (which could be never). I think people will have a rude awakening about Ukraine soon. Sure, the HQ got hit today, but that is a minor accomplishment and mostly for optics. Behind the scenes the situation is much different and decidedly one-sided, despite some successful media campaigns.

There is no glory in war Jihadi Julian - though there is valor. Hopefully you will learn that soon.
I hope people start bashing each other's head in; however:
6 or 7 Arab countries agree with Israel on peace?
What is that about? This used to be considered impossible.

The House of Saud is intricately linked to both Britain through connections to King Charles and also 1928 financed groups that supported the Palestinians fighting the Jews in Palestine / Israel.

Some Arabs receiving funding from the Nazis from an organization called the Muslim brotherhood and those then combined some faschistic principles from their financiers with Islam. Essentially they are the origin of the terrorist groups and extremely political Islam. Since the Saudi purge initiated by MBS a lot has happened in Saudi Arabia that makes peace possible. MBS is now also the prime minister of Saudi Arabia and therefore has accomplished some major reforms of the State.

One of the results from removing groups that could be considered faschistic Islamic elements from their society is the possibility of peace with Israel.

What is important here are two things - Talal who is friends with King Charles and opposed Musk taking over Twitter was charged with corruption by MBS.

He also changed his stance in Twitter sale and eventually caved in and sold allowing Musk to aquire Twitter. Importantly the MBS purge occurred after Trump's sword dance visit. The same the globe picture was taken.

The Sabre dance is considered to be a declaration of war. Prince Charles also danced this Sword dance in 2014 interestingly enough.

Talal is an interesting figure purported ties to the Muslim brotherhood according to some. https://www.globalmbwatch.com/2017/...leed-bin-talal-arrested-by-saudi-authorities/

His corruption arrest is real - he also came to aid Donald Trump when he was in financial distress.

For those reason it cannot be understated how major a peace agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia really is; because the influence of faschistic Islamic groups that came into the Middle East through financing from Nazi Germany into Saudi Arabia to prop up Palestine against Israel. That doesn't mean all of Islam is faschistic, but it explains why some minority groups that are well organized in some countries and less so in others have been a problem in the Middle East for a long time. This problem, however, has now been drastically improved and / or been removed from the Middle East - mutual deescalation.

If another 6-7 Muslim nations follow then the Middle East; number 1 hot bed for escalation and conflict for a couple of decades finally comes to peace and that could help solve a lot of conflict around the world.

Normalized relations in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic capital of all Abrahamic religions. A direct result of Trump's Abraham Accords he somehow didn't get the Nobel Peace Price for.

That my friends is context. So underestimating our understanding of what might drive other people's decision is a folly if it can't be placed into the proper context and people's way of thinking. A lot of things had to come together to make this possible.
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This comes in conjunction with some interesting changes at the UN as well.
Ukraine proposed Germany to become a permanent member to aid world peace.
Interesting considering the UN talks about peace between a couple ME nations and Israel.

I think there will be a peace deal brokered about Ukraine soon as well - this conflict is in it's last innings and will be resolved soon in my assessment - well not resolved, but stopped from getting worse for now. I think the winter will come and come next year the conflict won't restart - practically because there won't be any money for it - so it will cease in my opinion.

We can also see that Xi has fired 200 of his PLA officers - this could be seen as a purge towards preparing an attack on Taiwan - but it might be the opposite and could also represent the removal of hardliners to prevent further escalation with Taiwan and seek a diplomatic solution. I think election in Taiwan are coming up and they could give an incredible result that no one expects.

Same could be said about Argentina with Gavier as a likely President.

If you look at the world only through the lense of one-sided reporting you will inevitably end up with a skewed picture. So it is important to reference press from different parts of the world instead of relying on a single perspective.

I think Turkey will also be able to contribute towards peace in the Middle East once there is peace in the region which will allow to make a great many good things possible. I think they will sort out the Turkish / Kurdish sitation soon and then probably Georgia and Russia could normalize as well and that would allow for the organization of a different multi polar world order.

All of this context shows there are lasting major postive changes in some parts of the world and much like conflict can escalate from one geographic location to another - it is possible for peace to work in the same way.
Normalized relations in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic capital of all Abrahamic religions. A direct result of Trump's Abraham Accords he somehow didn't get the Nobel Peace Price for.
The Nobel Peace Prize, for which he would have been a prime contender, had already been sullied by Barack Obama and so of limited value compared with the Accords themselves.
The Nobel Peace Prize, for which he would have been a prime contender, had already been sullied by Barack Obama and so of limited value compared with the Accords themselves.
That is very true.
Dumb participation trophy in the end.
Just a tool to drive media narratives.
But yeah some of the real changes we can see:
Iran: no longer requires women to wear cover.
Saudi Arabia: women are allowed to drive.
Almost unimaginable changes in terms of how their societies used to be organized for some decades.
Found this gem on another site I follow...
About six months ago now, I made several contrarian predictions based on my macro thesis:

1. Rates had not peaked and would continue going up.
2. The dollar had not peaked and would continue going up.
3. Inflation would get worse, and equities, gold, and crypto wouldn't perform.
4. The banks would, as a result, continue to fail, leading to the creation of a tokenized security to be used in lieu of the dollar within the global banking system.

Predictions one through three have happened (and how), and number four is in the works as we speak. Banks all over the world in recent weeks have announced the launch of native tokens and given notice to depositors that they are suspending all cash services.

It's being framed in the narrative of faster payments, but the truth is that the entire global banking system is functionally insolvent, and they know they soon won't be able to meet depositor demand for withdrawals. In effect, this is the beginning of the bail-in.

The FDIC is no longer putting failed banks into receivership. For those who don't know, that's when the FDIC takes over a failed bank in a proactive effort to make depositors whole before the bank fails completely. This is the process of liquidating the banks assets and using FDIC money to make up the difference to reimburse insured depositors should they incur any losses.

The FDIC is out of money, though, which is why they're conspicuously refusing to do their job. They blew their entire budget guaranteeing the uninsured deposits at SVB because doing anything less would have resulted in a bank run. They had to reassure wealthy depositors that they were safe leaving millions of dollars in banks, because the banking system could not afford to lose those accounts. In other words, they did what they had to, to delay the inevitable for as long as possible (the inevitable being bail-ins, and as long as possible apparently being about six months).

The title of this thread is a little bit tongue-in-cheek. I obviously don't want anyone to panic. I want people to inform themselves and make smart decisions that will result in them staying financially independent from the totalitarian system that's quickly emerging. What's happening right now is the hostile takeover of a sovereign nation by an international banking cartel by means of predatory lending.

The problem we face, in a nutshell, is that, due to saturation with debt, sellers cannot afford to sell anywhere near prices at which buyers can afford to buy. Thus, asset prices aren't able to go low enough to stimulate the next wave of inflation. If asset prices don't move down and stimulate borrowing, and do so in the very near future, the situation will just continue to spiral out of control, eventually leading to all of the aforementioned doom.

With that said, I want to leave you with some practical things you can do to protect yourselves. Not only can you not trust the banking system, you have zero incentive to do so, and every incentive to take your money out.

This is what I would suggest. First of all, consolidate your accounts. The average person only needs one checking account. You need it to have your paychecks deposited, and to pay your bills. That is the absolute limit of what the banks can do for you.

Step number two is open an account at treasurydirect.gov. It takes about ten minutes, and all you need is your account information and a state ID. You're then going to buy T bills with your savings.

In other words, you're going to use your bank for checking, and you're going to use the treasury as your savings account. Not only are those "deposits" in the treasury secured, they're paying upwards of 5%. That's what I was referring to when I said you have no incentive to leave money sitting in a bank, and every incentive not to. Not only are they infinitely safer at the treasury, they're going to earn double or triple the interest.

I know a lot of people on this site probably don't trust the treasury, but as far as any form of USD is concerned it's by far the most secured. It's literally guaranteed by the US Constitution, and you can redeem the T bills at any time, should the situation change with respect to the government's ability to repay. You will have heard about government shutdowns, for example. Even if the government does shut down, it will be months before they start having to cut spending, and the national debt is by law the last thing they can cut. In other words, if the government stops paying out T bills, they must first stop paying the military. So it's probably not something that would come without warning. If the government did shut down, the first step would be furloughing non-essential federal employees. After that would be mass layoffs of federal workers, followed by missed social security payments. So in the event you see those kinds of things unfolding, that would be the time to redeem those T bills and move to physical cash and hard assets.

The next thing I would advise is deciding how much cash you're comfortable keeping in your own physical possession. If you don't have much savings, you might skip the treasury general account and simply keep your savings in cash in your own physical possession. The one fatal flaw in the T bills is that you need a bank account to receive the payout, should you need to redeem them, in the event the government became insolvent. This might require getting creative, in order to find an institution where you can still access the redeemed cash. As in be able to withdraw it or electronically wire it to purchase assets. So having some level of physical cash in your possession is a good hedging strategy, should something transpire that prevents you from accessing cash from redeemed T bills.

Another option is keeping a safety deposit box with cash in it. Technically you're not supposed to do that, but it's not illegal, just ill-advised by the banks. Obviously there are lots of people who would say, Oh the government will seize everyone's safety deposit boxes. I mean, maybe. Anything is possible, I guess. But is it likely? Probably not. There are very, very few safety deposit boxes, and most of them don't have much value. Most of them contain important documents and family heirlooms of little to no monetary value. So a large scale grab would net them very little money, and a whole lot of bad press. So while it would be ill-advised to keep your entire life savings in one, I think it's a good option in a multifaceted approach.

Getting out of debt is a bit of a wild card in this whole thing. On the one hand, it might be unwise to waste cash on debts that might be effectively forgiven anyways. On the other hand, it might be wise to pay off debts in the interest of protecting important assets. I can't make that determination for you because that would require being psychic. So I would simply advise praying about it and doing what the Holy Spirit leads you to do regarding your own personal situation.

The same goes for liquidating assets. If you have assets with positive returns, it might be advisable to liquidate them for the cash. Again, this is something you would have to pray about. All I can say for sure is that if this thing goes, assets will not protect you from the strengthening dollar. That is to say, whether it's gold, BTC, or lead; the dollar would in that event strengthen and seriously devalue any assets you might have otherwise thought would preserve your wealth.

I would also advise trying to become independent of any systemic source of income, like social security or pensions. Plan for not having that money, especially in the context of private pensions. Try to reorganize your finances to where you can maintain food and shelter, irrespective of whether that check shows up on time or not.

This same dynamic goes double for anyone relying on a paycheck. If this thing goes, the unemployment line is going to get very, very long. One of my past predictions was that the job market wasn't as strong as they were claiming, and that turned out to be completely true. I advised people not to follow the crowd during the great resignation, and to essentially do the opposite of what the crowd was doing by trying to not only keep their job, but by trying to become the last employee they could fire. So not only do I advise seeking job security still, but also reorganizing your finances to where you will be okay for a year or two in the event you get laid off.

So in terms of liquidating assets and paying off debt, please consider those last two paragraphs when making those decisions. For example, if you can sell a toy and pay off your house, do it and do it now, and do not look back. If on the other hand you owe 300k on the house and only have 10k in savings, it most likely wouldn't help your situation to waste that savings on that debt. Again, these are areas where it's very hard and irresponsible to give advice, because everyone's situation is so nuanced, and the exact future so uncertain. Even if I'm 100% right, there are still myriad variables I can't account for, and myriad more I haven't even thought of.

This thing is likely to resolve itself in one of two ways. The least apocalyptic of the two is that buyers and sellers reach consensus before the global debt bubble bursts. In that event, asset prices will bottom and the money supply will start to grow again. If that happens, there will likely be worse inflation than during the previous two years.

The second, and more apocalyptic of the two, is that buyers and sellers cannot reach consensus and the global debt bubble does burst, leading to a violent contraction of the global dollar supply, followed by the biggest drop in asset prices ever in the history of money.

Either way, you want to protect your money from the banking system so you can take advantage of the dip. If you can preserve your savings through the banking crisis, you will likely get to take advantage of the biggest buying opportunity of your entire lifetime. What's coming shortly may prove to be the biggest buying opportunity of the century, and may be the defining event that determines who remains free and who becomes a serf in the system that's currently emerging."
Ghana and other countries. We see the same principle applied in many areas.

After legislating to be paid in physical gold by miners in the country, then using that to pay for oil in January, Ghana now stipulates that 50% of its cocoa will be processed in-country, securing an awful lot more than the current 6% of the total crop value.

This follows bizarre, C19th demands from the EU that Ghana buy carbon credits.

Expect Ghana and other countries to look at *every* industry in the same way. What do the countries that were enjoying the taste & benefits of Ghana's cocoa do now?