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[Forensics] Master Fee Pool (MFP). A straw man

Figuring out the exact origin of Kinesis fees is not a trivial proposal.
I propose this strawman to focus the mind.
This should help casual observers to get an idea about the subject.

3 main sources of revenue and thus of fees:
  1. Minting (both types) and transfers to user wallets (what I call to Vertex U, the set of 4000+ users). On-chain. H2U and E2U in both blue and orange (see my digraphs posted at github for kag and for kau)
  2. Physical redemptions. H2E blue. Not all traffic on this arc. System redemptions also occur here.
  3. KMS Exchange trading fees in up to 109 trading pairs.
Calculating 2) means separating physical from system redemptions. Not possible from current CSV extract from Watcher Node.
Calculating 3) means having access to good daily trading volume data. We're not quite there at present.

My full work on the subject at github starts here for kag. Then kau

I'll paste the first screen of my LibreOffice spreadsheet here.
In the next reply, I'll do the same for kau.

Screenshot from 2023-08-08 15-19-35.png