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Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals and Cards for the Ultra Wealthy.

Gary L

Well-known member
It’s been quite a while since any announcement or discussion about Family Offices and potential ultra rich individuals coming onboard with Kinesis. Can we please have an update in the next vault-side chat?

I think this is a very exciting part of Kinesis’ plan for achieving massive growth. Indonesia is such a big project maker and has an additional altruistic component of banking the unbanked.

The Family Offices and UHNW individuals capital market is so massive, I’d guess a tiny fraction of one percent of it would be greater than a best case Indonesian usage case scenario.

There was a fellow on Kitco News about 4 months ago, mainly talking about BTC, saying how these large entities were keen on entering the digital asset investment space and it has already started. He saw the ability to provide custodial services for digital assets as being an extremely important element for attracting this type of capital into the digital investment space.

In regards to highly secure custodial services, I see Kinesis’ bailee/bailor customer/company arrangement as a groundbreaking idea and something Kinesis could use as a major selling point to these types of customers. Can we extend these services to other cryptocurrencies?

In my opinion, Kinesis did very well, turning lemons into lemonade, when being attacked by some of its competitors and, in response, coming up with the brilliant idea of the Kinesis Bailee Concept. The bozo competitors really shot themselves in the foot on this one, ha, ha,,, ha de hah.
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