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Bookmarking the "new posts" forum link

If you're like me you want to look at new content when you visit.

You can do that by bookmarking https://forum.kinesis.money/whats-new/posts/

The problem is that once you go to that link, you will be redirected to a URL that represents the query you created when you visited that link. So if I go there now the new-posts link is redirected to: https://forum.kinesis.money/whats-new/posts/1415/

Why? Probably because it's good for server performance - if lots of people hit the "new posts" link and the newest post is 1415 (I'm assuming that's what that means) then the new search doesn't need to be run, which is faster.

This means that if you bookmark the page you went to after looking for new posts, you're linking to a page that won't update.

The fix is to edit your bookmark to be https://forum.kinesis.money/whats-new/posts/ instead. Then every time you click it you get fresh results.