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Apple Pay status and experience of early access users

My virtual card was just accepted by Apple Pay in Australia
Great news! Is it possible to get a picture of an item for #paidwithkinesis & #paidwithgold saying it was using an iPhone or online with ApplePay?

I'd like to email some CEOs of supermarkets here in the UK and no ApplePay has made it a bit difficult.

If you'd rather not, no problem.
Cheers Peter Pan - Did you just test on the off chance- Or did you get some info. to suggest it was available ?
How’s it feel to be the first to use Applepay… history in the making
I think it’s such a great day for Kinesis. Whatever is a great day for Kinesis- is great for me.
A few more milestones and Kinesis will be looking like it’s a highly marketable product to the masses. It feels closer today more so than ever before.
If it can work in the Kimberley, it can work anywhere 🤣
You’re spot on Dante. We’re quite fortunate to have some groceries on the shelves at the moment, something actually to buy. During the recent floods when the bridges were underwater, there was almost nothing fresh to buy.
I’ll have to think of something to buy online now or regular bill payments. This is exciting.