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24hr % change discrepancy


Active member
In the web portal, why is there a discrepancy between the 24hr % change on portfolio and assets pages?

In portfolio it's showing KAG is up 6.97% (24hr) yet on the assets page the 24hr chart clearly shows it's down.
Current figures I have

Default display shows blended move for all assets -0.23% (for my mix of assets)
Hover over KAU symbol to the right of the wheel +0.52%
Hover over KAG symbol to the right of the wheel -0.78%

KAU +0.52%
KAG -0.78%

KAU and KAG 24h change % between the two screens looks consistent for me.
I meant to post this in the chat section so the moderator is welcome to move it there.

The issue I had is resolved, but the assets graph doesn't show the 24hr change. KAU 24hr is -0.06 but the 24hr graph in assets shows it's up.

It's not a big issue but just wanted to make the techies aware of it.
What period is the percentage change on the exchange page?

It's very high for both KAU and KAG.
Just to clarify, I'm on the exchange page looking at KAU/GBP and it's showing +9.04%.

What period is that for?

As Uchiki said, we have asked this question and the answer is pending. I haven't seen a consistent period that works across assets so I suspect there is a bug in play. But we'll see.