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1Password icons


This is a minor improvement, but it seems it would be easy to add. I use 1Password for password management, and 1Password automatically adds icons for the different logins I have saved based on the web URL that I enter in.

Here is my AirBnB login
...and here is my Kinesis login

Kinesis themselves (and this forum, too @Derek ) can just send an email to 1Password asking to add their icon to 1Password's database. Here are the instructions on how to do so:

It's a small change, but it'd make it just slightly easier to find my Kinesis password when I'm trying to log in, and also maybe add a bit more polish to the workflow of logging into Kinesis.
I have Kinesis icons showing in Bitwarden and Authy and Kinesis forum icon showing in Bitwarden.
I think they either pick up the website favicon or use Google image search to find a relevant icon.

However, from the link you provided, it seems that 1Password will only display if the icon is in 1Password's own database.

I've highlighted your suggestion.