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Terms and rules

Behave reasonably towards your fellow forum members:

Understand that all other users are fellow members of the Kinesis community or potential future members of the Kinesis monetary system. That means treating others with respect when disagreeing and avoiding things like personal attacks:

Use moderate language:

Avoid excessive profanities and any racial slurs. If it isn’t something you would say in front of your family, it's probably best to avoid it. This also includes any harassment or hateful conduct as well as doxing other users.

Don't scam or link to scam sites:

Spam, phishing and off topic links are strictly prohibited.

Don't promote your own or competitor projects/products:

Avoid self promotion and linking to other commercial businesses that are not related to Kinesis or partnered with Kinesis unless otherwise stated. This includes screenshots, promotions and especially referral links.

Constructive criticism is welcome, repetitive negativity is not:

Kinesis appreciates feedback, ideas and general advice. If you see something that doesn't work or you feel could work better please feel free to share. However please avoid posting a constant stream of negative content or hammering the same point over and over.

Off topic posts should be avoided:

When you discuss outside projects there needs to be a tie-in on why it's relevant to Kinesis. If the post has no relation to Kinesis, gold-silver, or the wider ecosystem that Kinesis is involved in it probably isn’t relevant unless the area of the forum allows for that type of post.

Do not impersonate or run multiple accounts:

Impersonation of admins, moderators or any staff of Kinesis is prohibited. Using multiple accounts to avoid bans/timeouts should also be avoided as well as pushing your agenda through fake accounts.

No Illegal activity or violations of copyright/IP laws:

Avoid posting content that might violate copyright laws or laws in general with content. Don’t discuss things like tax avoidance, software pirating or anything else that would violate laws of most jurisdictions.

Do not post any obscene, graphic content or content that contains anything sexually related:

This is not a dating site nor a place for this type of content.

Don't initiate private transactions

The forums should not be used for private transactions due to the possibility of scams and impersonations. Please don't post offers or bids for off-market transactions. KVT trading is officially only available on the exchange so please be wary if transacting with other people outside of the forum.